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Minimum Standards (PDF)

The Okaloosa County Airports System has determined that these Minimum Standards are threshold entry requirements for those wishing to provide aeronautical services to the public and to insure that those who have undertaken to provide commodities and services as approved are not exposed to unfair or irresponsible competition. These Minimum Standards were developed taking into consideration the aviation role of the Bob Sikes Airport, facilities that currently exist at the Airport, services being offered at the Airport, the future development planned for the Airport and to promote fair competition at the Bob Sikes Airport.


Operating Policies (PDF)

The airport aviation policy provides the basis for minimum, safe operating standards, airport rules and regulations, leases, and the overall operation of the airport.


what's new

There are very few places in the southeastern United States that have the key attributes that exists at the Crestview / Bob Sikes Airport. With a recently reconstructed 8,000 foot runway, plans to replace all airfield lighting and signage, an Instrument Landing System (ILS), and thousands of acres of developable property, exceptional opportunities exist for aviation related companies looking to start up operations or relocate to a more conducive environment”.